Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I've seen Dro all over lower Manhattan, as well as in Brooklyn. The three letter namw is prime; what a shame all the three letter words were taken by other writers by like 1983!


Blogger deb said...

Ezra! It's Deb here, Sarah’s friend... She emailed me your site because she thought I might get a kick out of it…and I do!

Your collections are mui impressive. I met this French guy in Chile who was also collecting graffiti images and he had an exhibition and raised money for some charity in Columbia with the cash, maybe I will get u in contact with him if u like...

I love graffiti art too, I took some myself throughout Argentina, and they have some very kooky graffiti and pictures. If u like this sort of stuff- I think you might also like Jhonen Vasquez a comic artist and also that mag Vice has some excellent graffiti-style art done by this Melbourne artist.

Good luck with your graffiti site, I especially like the one with the Japanese girl in the yellow gumboots outside the door and the drips are wicked too, oh yeah and the trucks are v cool.
Nice work. deb

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dro is the shit! he and acc ruled nyc for the past two years....and i see a wuppin comin...real deal hoilyfield? dro was a writer from WAYYYYY back and came out retirement to show cats whats up. he recently got arrested. and again to harp on non-knowledge...the other fill in is 2ease as in "too easy" and if anybody should get props its him and my boy reskew who is down with acc and is old school and steady rocks shit! i saw a piece of his on my subway line that is so fresh despite the fact that it is like 10 years old! all city crew..peep saster for knowledge!
@ deb so did your friend try and get in touch with the artists who did the pieces that he put in the "show" or did your friend just bite and make $$ and cred off of other peopls sweat? if not then that is mui not cool. in fact its a dick move and if he ever were to let it be known that he jocked peopls work to make cash then for sure he'ld catch a beat down. quickness.

8:34 PM  
Blogger Ez said...

Thanks for the info about DRO acc $ 2ease

9:17 PM  
Blogger Ez said...

Say what u want but commercialism isn't anyone's agenda.

9:18 PM  
Blogger magigary said...

true say that, fuck you if we wanted to be told not to bite other peoples stuff we woulda gon somwhere els, mutal media liboreary is my only game, not lets bite people and steel there monny and fame

10:56 AM  

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