Monday, October 30, 2006

Elongated Bubble text

Somewhere in China Town...


There's lots of sticker tagging around, but what I found interesting here is that this square-ish text looks like cufic-style Arabic calligraphy. The image below is a typical example (in lurid colors) of kufic style calligraphy. It has been styalised into a block; from which point it can be used as the basis for arrangement into complex geometric forms. shahada2

The john from the Johnsons

Meet the Johnsons

Bathroom at 'Meet the Johnsons' bar on Stanton St, Lower East Side. I swear, I came out of that toilet with silver spray paint on my hand. Someone must have been in there seconds before me, spraying the walls, the taps, or the toilet paper ... something I touched was a fresh silver...

Evil Eye

This is from the East Vaillge; around 6th street and 1st Avenue. It has a certain mythological coolness to it. There's an eye there, right in the middle warding off the evil eye.

Some mural stuff

I'm not not normally into mural art, however this one just seemed to be particularly Haring-like, so I snapped it. Upper West Side

East Village Doorway