Friday, December 08, 2006

Red Bubbles

3rd Avenue and 4th Street, East Village

Beautiful red clouds of bubble text.


Yello Daw

This was taken on a nice and mellow Sunday afternoon. This scene just really resonated with me. I sort of laughed when I saw the man's face painted in red on the right garage door. I like the contrast between the bright yellow and the strong blue. Williamsburg.


Often once you get up onto one roof top, you can access a whole multitude of others. Any rooftop that joins onto another and larger building is prime for a work out that will be visible from the street below. And usually the chances of getting caught doing this are quite slim. This formate therefore demands quality: so take your time and deliver something real special and colorful to the people.

Williamsburg Wall

Williamsburg would have to be one of the current centres for Grafitti in NY currently. This wall is a nice example fo some basic tags and spray painted shananigans. I generally find that the material in Williamsburg has a confident and quirky feel. Love it.

Old School New York Style Tags

Old School New York Style Tag 1

This wall was uncovered in the dark recesses of Avenue C. I turned a corner and found before me a wall of colorful naive old school styled New York graffiti. I squeezed the camera through the wire mesh fencing and took some photos. Apparently this old school looking graffiti was dressing for a film that was shot over the summer. It was done by LEE Quinones with some assistance from PAR ONE. Lee and Spar both grew up on the Lower East Side, and reproduced these old school legend's tags.

Special thanks to ERIC aka DEAL CIA for this information. Check out his site: 149st.

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